Online Security

Security and privacy of data is the most important concern for banks offering services on the Internet, as information transmitted without proper security is susceptible to fraud and misuse. Taageer Finance is committed to provide the safest data privacy and security of your loans.

The security infrastructure for website comprises of 128-bit encryption, filtering routers, firewalls, and virus monitoring tools.

Taageer Finance’s website uses 128-bit digital certificate from Verisign for encryption of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) session. SSL is the industry standard for encrypted communication and ensures that customer’s interaction with company over the Internet is secure.

Our additional Security measures:

  • Virtual Keypad to avoid any keylogger attacks,
  • Two levels of passwords; login and transaction password for confirming financial/non-financial transaction.
  • First-time passwords and Login ID are automatically generated by the system and printed on to password mailers so that no one in the Bank is ever aware of the passwords
  • The system enforces change of password and Login ID on first time login and Forced periodic change of passwords is implemented
  • The Internet Banking facility is locked in case of 5 consecutive wrong passwords.