Taageer Finance’s Chief Executive named ‘CEO of the Year’ in the Finance and Leasing sector

Premier finance and leasing company (FLC) - Taageer Finance - is pleased to announce that its distinguished CEO, Mr. Shahin Mohammed Al Balushi is awarded the prestigious ‘CEO of The Year’ accolade amongst Finance and Leasing companies, at the Alam Al-Iktisaad Awards. The award stands as a testament to his outstanding leadership and accomplishments in the financial sector.

Mr. Balushi, a luminary in Oman’s financial landscape, holds the distinction of being the most experienced CEO in the nation’s financial industry. His impressive career spans leadership roles in three prominent finance companies within the Sultanate of Oman, solidifying his position as the foremost Omani executive in the finance sector at the C-suite level.

Over the span of his illustrious career, Mr. Shahin Mohammed Al Balushi has displayed versatility by contributing across various functions in the finance and leasing business and beyond. His comprehensive understanding of the industry has been instrumental in steering Taageer Finance towards sustained growth and success.

Sharing his thoughts on receiving the ‘CEO of The Year’ Award, Mr. Balushi stated: “I am honoured to receive this prestigious award; which is a testament to the dedication and hard-work of the entire team at Taageer Finance. I believe in the potential of Oman’s finance sector, and am committed to contribute to its growth and development. This recognition further fuels my passion to continue innovating and driving positive change in the industry.”

Under Mr. Shahin Mohammed Al Balushi’s visionary leadership, Taageer Finance has spearheaded numerous digital initiatives, resulting in the company’s recent recognition with the “Pioneers in Digital Evolution (NBFC sector)” Award at the DX Oman Digital Transformation Awards. These initiatives have not only modernized the company's operations but also positioned Taageer Finance as an industry leader in embracing digital transformation.

One of Mr. Balushi’s noteworthy achievements has been in reducing employee turnover through strategic initiatives, with a specific focus on the development of national talent. His dedication to this cause has led to the implementation of internship–based programs at Taageer Finance, fostering skill development and career opportunities for Omani youth.

As Taageer Finance congratulates Mr. Shahin Mohammed Al Balushi on this well-deserved recognition, the company looks forward to continue its journey of growth and innovation under his exceptional leadership. His dedication and passion motivate and inspire the entire team, reinforcing their collective commitment to excellence and positive change within the Sultanate’s vibrant finance and leasing sector.