Business Continuity Plan (BCP) - Disclosure Statement

Taageer Finance mission is "To Play an Instrumental Role In The Development Of The Corporate And SME Sector While Cultivating Entrepreneurship Culture In Society ". Taageer Finance Co SAOG has implemented an international standard and best practice Business Continuity Plan to respond to any event that significantly disrupts the business at any time, by minimizing and mitigating risks to protect the company’s customers, employees, and stakeholders and simultaneously run the business.

Taageer Finance Company (SAOG) – Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan establishes procedures and processes to maintain operational continuity based on three types of disruptions that could occur individually or in any combination:

  • Loss of access to the parts-of or the entire facility (e.g., following a major power shutdown, fire, sudden storm, or flooding);
  • Loss of services and/or operations due to a reduction in workforce (e.g., during Pandemic, Lockdowns etc.).
  • Loss of services due to equipment or systems failure (e.g., information technology (IT) systems failure, electrical grid failure).

The company has a BCP site and a Disaster Recovery Site, where data is replicated online, and backups are stored offsite. Regular drills & restore of data and tests are conducted to cover all aspects of the Business Continuity Plan.

Plans are reviewed and maintained regularly to incorporate any changes to environment, people, process, and technology. This will ensure quick recovery and resume of the business operation at a time of any disruption of any kind with minimum financial impact.

Our Business Continuity Plan is designed to facilitate Taageer Finance to resume operations promptly, considering the scope and severity of the significant business disruptions.

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